Meet Our Staff

Lathram Pou joined Jay Settle and Robert Pou, who have been in the title business for over 30 years and undoubtedly committed to ensuring quality service to a large clientele. We pride ourselves on a flawless reputation for adapting our services according to the different needs of our clients. Because of a strong emphasis on customer service backed by the experience of intelligent Escrow Officers and Assistants and extensive knowledge in Real Estate Law and commercial lending, our Dallas organization has been recognized as a leading provider for real estate transaction and settlement services. Our network of national underwriters allows us to close complex transactions throughout the country. Our experienced staff is capable of closing transactions across the globe.

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Lathram Pou
Mng. Partner | Escrow Officer

Jay Settle
Attorney | Escrow Officer

Kimberly Addison Kramer
Vice President
Cell: 214.458.8824

Justin Roberts
General Counsel

Lori Lindsey

VP | Research Development

Nicole McLeod
VP of Operations

Erica Puente
VP | Bilingual Escrow Officer

Dorie Richardson Lifsey
VP | Escrow Officer

Denise Bell
VP | Sr. Commercial Escrow Officer

Johanna Howell
Escrow Officer

Heath Schneider
Escrow Officer

Bill Kunowsky
Escrow Officer

Michelle Bowers
Escrow Officer

Monica Forman

VP | Escrow Officer

Leslie Byford
Escrow Officer

Carey Adams
Escrow Assistant

Katrina Canida
Escrow Assistant

Macey Leo
Escrow Assistant

Harley Galluppi
Escrow Assistant

Veronica McCoy
Escrow Assistant

Chris McElwee
Bilingual Escrow Assistant

Angelica Mottu
Escrow Assistant

Caroline Spinelli
Escrow Assistant

Kelli Spencer

Escrow Assistant

Trevor Holland

Client Manager

Paula Richardson | VP of Finance